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Here you can find equipment of modern radio technology and general electronics from our own development and production.


Our products are “Made in Germany” and mainly manufactured in central Germany.


Receiver and Transceiver

  • Direct digitizing with 17 / 18 Bit
  • Standalone without a PC
  • WVGA display 800 x 480 pixels
  • Spectrum and waterfall
  • 0 ... 30 MHz, 6 m, 4 m, 3 m, 2 m
  • Touch or keyboard operation
  • Optical or magnetic detent rotary encoder




  • Active broadband antennas
  • Only for receiving purposes
  • Small magnetic loop antennas
  • Interior and outdoor versions
  • 20 kHz ... 71 MHz
  • Low power consumption
  • Electronic direction switching



Documentation (PDF)

Current price list

Manual RDR50/54/55

Receiving Examples

Manual Pocket







Our digital receivers implement the future: Signal processing on frequency (spectrum) based level. Filtering and demodulation by directly using the spectral lines of a multiple faster and more precise transformation than the commonly used FFT! No Aliasing, no windowing, no picket fence effect, no secondary resonances. 2.5 Hz resolution without interpolation with 10 Spec/sec. Audio processing at 40 Hz/Bin with 160 fps.