The portable receiver RDR53 is a freely configurable SW receiver / transceiver with optional UKW / 2 m reception and transceiver operation. Its bright and very large display with touchscreen operation allow for horizontal “Tablet” or vertical operation.

  • General Information

    The lectern-shaped casing of the device contains an aluminum front panel. The super bright wide-angle WVGA display (800 x 480 pixels) with a size of 8” (200 mm) contains a touch panel for easy operation of the device. An additional rotary encoder in smooth optical or gently resting magnetical execution allows for a fast adjustment of set values.

    The RDR53 contains the spectrum based RDR technology of the newest generation with full 2.5 Hz resolution. FM module (FM broadcast, extended 2 m range, DAB / DAB+) and various transmitter modules (high quality exciter, polar modulator) can be installed. Rigging a 18 bit high end Quad ADC RAD18 as well as a 24 bit Stereo DAC RDA31 is possible.

    User interface and device functionality of the RDR53 mostly match the ones of the RDR54 and RDR55 devices.

    The device is still in development.

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